Living, Loving, Learning, Laughing-- Lindsey. I don't look like a medical student, and I like it that way. PS Cranial nerve #7 is my favorite, and my favorite muscle is zygomaticus major.

People follow bullets and numbers better than paragraphs, so here goes my thoughts in list form:

  • If you know you don’t wanna wife up a girl, why do the extra stuff?
  • Why try to woo her, and GET her to fall for you?
  • When you know you don’t want something more, why do you let your words and mainly actions suggest otherwise?
  • Are you incapable of being real with someone?
  • Do you get this sick pleasure in leading women on?
  • Were you just horny and at the point where you would say anything to get some “attention”?

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WARNING: This is a ramble and it is a bit unorganized, but I’m sure my female followers can relate.

I watched (500) Days of Summer tonight. O M G! That movie is seriously my life.

Okay so I’ve never been in an official relationship, but the theme is basically my life. Meet a guy who may or may not say that he’s not looking for a relationship…he then continues to communicate with you and woo and charm you (me)… Before you know it, I’m really feeling him and then he chooses to cash in his “oh i’m not looking for anything serious” card.

If.. me……

Well I guess the cure for this is to immediately walk away when a guy says he doesn’t want anything serious….

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I always end up with random mid-week dates. When it comes to “date nights”, it’s always me and redbox and some ice cream. I can’t wait till I get to be that girl that he can’t wait to wine and dine on a Friday night downtown. Might seem trivial, but it means a lot to me.